Hello! I’m Mădălina and I’m not an artist. I’m a learner.

I’m not talented, for I don’t believe in talent, I just have a decent aesthetic taste and an eye for shapes and details. I never finished any art school, or art classes, or art apprenticeships, or art anything. Just a couple of tutorials. I didn’t practice art for most of my life, in fact my professional experience was built around jobs in recruiting, training and assessment, personal assistant, events organising, PR, marketing, social media, setting up a live streaming online TV station, creating BTL projects to participate in government auctions, media monitoring, graphic design and changing explosive diarrhoea diapers.

I was actually extremely frustrated for many years about my inability to specialise in one professional field and that led me to a severe lack of confidence, self doubt, anxiety and even depression at times. Who was I? Why was I trying to do stuff that I had absolutely zero official training for? Was I even good at anything?

But then I realised I am a learner.

This is what I loved doing my entire life, this is why my professional experience is so varied, this is why I know how to do a ton of things (even though far from perfectly!) and this is why I’m becoming better every day at whatever I’m doing: because I love to learn! I’ve learned by myself almost everything I know and do today, without much guidance, just with pure enthusiasm and curiosity!

This realisation didn’t come easy, it took more than a year of intentional self exploration, individual therapy, group therapy, lots of reading, support from the awesome people in my life and too many tablespoons of chocolate in the middle of the night. So I want to give back a little bit of this support, knowing how precious it is! I would love to help you all get a little closer to this Mecca triad of self-love, self-confidence and happiness through my art, through the insights and the tips and tricks I share in my captions.

This is mostly what my work is all about: learning, self development and self-love. Becoming better.

And jokes. Because laughing at shit definitely helps with the happiness part! 🙃